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Paint Color Trends for 2014

Choosing the right paint color for your new home can sometimes be overwhelming with the great selection and variety that's available.  The National Association of Home Builder's Sales & Marketing Ideas magazine recently shared the top color trends they are seeing in today's model homes as well as newly constructed homes.

  • Gray.  This is a color that can find expression in a wide array of options.  Expect diversity in this new crop of grays, from warm brown-based grays to cooler, more contemporary blue-grays. 
  • Beige.  This perennial neutral is back, carrying gray undertones for warmth and richness.  This taupe with a traditional twist, accented with real linens and cottons.
  • Champagne.  Imagine gold with a bit of transparency.  While decidely sophisticated, champagne plays well with the darker expresso woods.
  • White.  It's the return of white! Far from creating a blank canvas, all white creates a powerful statement.  Balance it with metallic and/or basic black for a sophisticated look.
  • Cobalt.  Think vibrant and jewel-toned.  Expect to see this in family-focused and empty-nester homes.
  • Emerald.  Given its presence in both earth-tone and elegant settings, it is no wonder this green was Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year.  Paired with gray, emerald green speaks to both young and mature buyers.
  • Purple.  Anticipate seeing it in various incarnations from wisteria to aubergine to the most vivid violets.  Use it sparingly for added glamour and excitement.
  • Raspberry.  When purple and red meet at the juice bar, this pick is the order of the day.  It's a vibrant statement solo, and one you'll see combined with grays and taupes.
  • Paprika.  Flip through a current fashion magazine and you'll find dashes of rich, red-orange paprika in abundance.  This tone cuts through visual clutter for exciting interior presence and again is best paired with gray for a contemporary look.
  • Metallics.  We've seen nickle, copper, chrome and gold shine in past seasons.  Moving forward, expect to see these in more muted shades such as the popular oiled bronze.  On the horizon are enameled surfaces, gaining new followings, as well.

Recently, my husband and I visited a friend's new home.  As a local home builder here in Savannah, our friend naturally had a beautifully designed home with a large family room with a fireplace and built-ins, a spacious kitchen with an island that's great for entertaining, and an unbelievable back porch with a built-in grill and wet bar.  But, what struck me most about this lovely home was the interior paint color.  He and his wife had selected "Owl Gray" for their main living area.  It was such a cool clean look, yet very warm and inviting.  It was the first time I'd seen this new shade of gray, but fell in love with it immediately. I can easily see why NHBA magazine named gray one of the top trend colors for 2014.  It made me want to go home and get out a paint brush...it's amazing what a little paint will do for a room.  



Posted: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 11:09 AM by Rhonda Shearouse
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